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Delete row from DB asociated with other table with laravel

From: Turkey View: 1497 André Cuellar Avaroma 


I have 4 tables in my DB

mail_tasks => MailTask (class)
mail_messages => MailMessage (class)
meos => Meo (class)
mail_recipients => MailRecipient (class)

I need to delete all rows from 3 first tables in that list containing non-null values for "deleted_at", in other words remove the rows with forceDelete (this rows are previously removed with softdelete)

the problem is that I need to first remove the associations that each have with the different tables

MailTask is associated with Meos table
Meos is associated with MailRecipient

MailTask migration and association


MailRecipients migration and association


Meos migration and associations

  1. I need to delete MailMessages where "deleted_all" is not null
  2. I need to delete MailTask where "deleted_all" is not null and delete first associations with Meo
  3. I need to delete Meo where "deleted_all" is not null and delete first associations with MailRecipients

I have this but I don't understand how can I delete the associations

public function handle()
   $mailMessage = MailMessage::query()->whereNotNull('deleted_at');
   $mailTask = MailTask::query()->whereNotNull('deleted_at');
   $meo = Meo::query()->whereNotNull('deleted_at');

It's okay If I do this? Or I need to do more things?

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