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How Can i Optimize my 3D Vision in CesiumJs

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im working on a map Project with CesiumJs, i have a bug in my 3D vision, the beug is when i click on 3D vision or i switch from 2D (MapBox) to 3D, the camera in 3D goes Backward which i dont want happen, this is my Functions that i use. thank you

var westSouth = view.extension.minimum; var eastNorth = view.extension.maximum;

    var destination = Rectangle.fromDegrees(

    );//To set The coordinate{ destination: destination,

        orientation: {

            heading: * CesiumRenderer.degreesToRadians, // Heading is the rotation from the local north direction where a positive angle is increasing eastward
            pitch: -Math.PI/2, //topdown -> the horizon
            roll: 0.0,


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