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When and How to use the “Maven Workspace Build” view in Eclipse/STS?

From: Ljubljana View: 1450 Manuel Jordan 


I am working with STS and a project based in Maven

I know that through the Console view I am able to use the Maven Console (about m2), it is useful to see the download process after to do right click -> Maven -> Update Project for a project selected.

Furthermore I use the Run Configurations dialog to work with the Maven Build section to define specific configuration for goals

There are tools about Views and for Maven, I know exists these two:

enter image description here

Is useful use the Maven Repositories view

enter image description here

But for Maven Workspace Build view appears as follows

enter image description here

How to use it? And I did realize that in the top-right is the pause icon.

I could not find an example about when and how to use it.

Some examples with some figures would be valuable for a better understanding

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