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Points with cardinal directions

From: Jordan View: 3675 Jaro Varga 


I have a PHP array with points (rooms):

array(38) {
  [90]=> array(3) {
            ["environment"]=> array(2) {
                ["name"]=> string(6) "Garden"
                ["color"]=> int(2)
            ["coordinates"]=> array(2) {
                ["x"]=> int(2)
                ["y"]=> int(-1)
            ["exits"]=> array(3) {
                [0]=> array(2) {
                    ["direction"]=> string(4) "west"
                    ["target"]=> int(91)
                [1]=> array(2) {
                    ["direction"]=> string(5) "north"
                    ["target"]=> int(89)
                [2]=> array(2) {
                    ["direction"]=> string(5) "south"
                    ["target"]=> int(92)

I have no record of which point is first. The result should be a map with points on grid with the ability to enter any (start) point and the rest will be drawn.

Any ideas how merge these points using cardinal directions (exits)?

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