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Problem with WPML translating ACF custom fields

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Ok guys, i have completely no idea what to do. We wanted to create structured Data for events which are put out on single-post pages which means that all the data for the JSON LD has to come straight through the wordpress loop by accessing the specific advanced custom fields (e.g. Date, speaker location..). Therefore i had to add more custom fields to the already existing ACF template which worked so far. Problem is, that we got the whole stuff in english and german and we got WPML running in the back of it.

As i wanted to create new custom fields in the "mother"version which is english, he puts out the following error:

ive then updated wordpress and every single WPML plugin, nothing changed. Afterwards i tried to add the same custom fields to the german version of the custom field group and it worked flawlessly. Afterwards i updated the eventpage in english and checked for the tiny bits of structured data which would be output by the fields which were already there. apparently there were all the information from the german version of the post aswell, although there is no such information or even a field to add these in the english version in the backend.

So it seems, WPML just translated these fields and took the value, which is overall ok, but not really the solution we would like to go for. Anyone any idea what is going wrong there?

Using the most current versions of: ACF Pro WPML Media WPML Multilingual CMS WPML String translation WPML translation Management

Thanks in advance.

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