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I got 5.6 and 7.4 running on server

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Hello I've been trying to Update my PHP, I got Both 5.6 and 7.4 running on Server


But the problem is: I dont know how to point that in Ngnix

I need to point this one:


Best answer

You have to specify the php path in each site configuration.

Go to the nginx root folder. Usually it is located in etc/nginx/sites-available (Linux). Here, you would open the configuration file for the website that you would like to edit. Let's say the config file is simply called default. You open it. Go to following block:

server { ... }

Here search for:

location ~ .php$ { .. }

Withing the last block you will find the following line:

fastcgi_pass unix:{old_php_path};

Replace the old PHP path with the new one and then run:

service nginx restart

This should help you.