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How to set shop when making Ajax request with Laravel + Shopify Osiset?

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I am currently building an app for editing subscription orders contents in Shopify.

I am using Laravel 8.0 and the Osiset Shopify library.

I know from within the app interface with App Bridge, I can access the current shop/user via

// random code...
$shop->api()->rest('GET', '/admin/orders.json', $query);

And that will query only based on the current store.

I want to allow customers on the front end of the site's to be able to edit their orders via making AJAX requests. I can make the ajax requests just fine, passing in the customer ID, etc. However within my function that handles the request, I need to somehow get the current shop like you can with


If someone knows of a way to accomplish this with Laravel + Osiset Shopify I would greatly appreciate a hand :)

Thanks Corey

Best answer

In Laravel Osiset Shopify Package you can only access the shop name by using Auth::user()->name its stored in Users table when someone Install the app .