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How to start Google-Assistant-Demo on boot in /etc/rc.local on a Raspberry Pi

From: Sri View: 4929 Christiaan 


I'm struggling with al the answers I have found till now, but nothing seems to work on my RPi. I want to start google-assistant-demo on boot.

In created script named with:

cd /home/pi/env/bin/
source activate
google-assistant-demo --device-model-id XXXXX &

Make it executable: sudo chmod +x

In my /etc/rc.local I wrote:

#!/bin/bash -e        
printf "Start Google Assistant\n"

exit 0

When I reboot it comes with the following error: argument --credentials: No such file or directory It looks somehow in the /root/.config/google-oauthlib-tool/credentials.json. Which doesn't exist. That file is under de /home/pi dir. I already gave the --credentials as params with the g-a-demo command, but it can't run either.

What do I mis here? It shouldn't be so hard I think to run a script on boot, without user interaction. Maybe run script as 'pi' user solve my issue.

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