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Can I get a formula from a string, unpack it, and apply it in oracle? [closed]


Now I will try to explain normally) to begin with, I will attach a screen for understanding(I immediately apologize for the photo and quality otherwise I could not):

enter image description here

The gosb_id, tb_id, org_id fields from the group_level table store the names of fields from the erp_trips table(this large select gets values from this table, it is simply not visible on the screen), and group_level. formula stores the formula as a string. And all these fields should be perceived by select not as strings, but as values(so that the fields are taken from erp_trips, and the formula is executed)

This is done in order not to repeat hundreds of maximally similar selectors I hope more or less clearly explained, if this is not impossible, I will be happy with any options.

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