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When running Node.js with Oracle DB, the connection pool takes too much time to be created

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I have a Node.js application. It connects to Oracle DB using node-oracledb package.

When I run node js on our test environment, it's close to instant before receiving the message "Connection Pool created". On client's environment, it takes up to 10 or 20 seconds.

Pool parameters:

  • Min pool 1
  • Max pool 10
  • Pool increment 1
  • 4 clusters
  • UV_THREADPOOLSIZE:128 (node limitation on the version we use 10.16)
  • pool ping interval : 30

Rest is default

On the other hand, when running queries through SQL Navigator, it's also slow.

On the cmd i see:

  • "Info Express Listening on port 3000"

Then after up to 20s:

  • "Connection pool created"

In terms of hardware, both application server and DB server are way more powerfull than they should be so I don't think it can be the problem. And with less powerfull servers I don't have this problem in my environnment. Also, on the oracle db server, AV scanning is excluding db storage files and db executables and files.

Thanks in advance for your help !

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